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Processing principles for machining

December 31, 2022

Mechanical processing is a very demanding and rigorous process, the quality of the operator is also quite high, because to ensure its high precision and high accuracy processing, then in the process of mechanical processing to pay attention to what principles? The following is introduced by me.

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The first point: to separate the coarse and fine parts, because roughing and fine machining workpiece is subjected to cutting force, clamping force and heat generation are different, compared to fine machining for roughing cutting, cutting force, heat generation is obviously greater than fine machining, and processing surface is more likely to produce hardening phenomenon, its internal stress is also greater. Therefore, in order to ensure the high precision of machining, roughing and fine machining must be separated. For some parts with extremely high precision requirements, they should be placed after roughing and before fine machining, in addition to low-temperature annealing to eliminate internal stresses to ensure its high precision.


Second point: the choice of equipment should be reasonable and accurate, for roughing should choose the power of the machine tool, because its main purpose is to cut off most of the machining margin, the requirements for precision is not so high, but for fine machining requires the selection of high-precision machine tools for processing, a reasonable choice of machine tools can ensure the accuracy of processing, but also to extend the service life of the machine tool.

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The third point: reasonable arrangement of machining processing process order is also very important, such as heat treatment process should be arranged before machining; for the elimination of internal stress failure treatment, tempering process should be arranged in the rough machining before finishing; in order to improve the mechanical properties of the parts carburizing, quenching, tempering, etc. are generally arranged after machining.


In summary, machining is a very rigorous process, the operator needs to follow the processing principles accurately.