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Process flow of precision machining

November 25, 2022

Precision machining is a process of changing the type specification or function of a product workpiece by machining machinery. It can be divided into cold machining and hot machining according to the temperature state of the product workpiece being produced and processed. Usually the process is done at room temperature and does not cause chemical or physical changes in the product workpiece, which is called cold machining. Usually the production and processing at higher or lower than room temperature will cause chemical or physical changes in the product workpiece, which is called hot processing. Cold processing is divided into cutting and pressure production processing according to the difference of processing methods. Thermal processing commonly includes heat treatment, forging, casting and welding.

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1. the beginning of the CNC machine tool high precision machining efficiency is higher, CNC machine tool mechanical parts processing can additionally produce manufacturing several surfaces, compared to the usual lathe processing can save a lot of process, reduce the time, and CNC machining center out of the parts quality is also relatively general CNC lathe to stabilize a lot.

2. CNC machine tools high-precision machining in the development of new products has an irreplaceable effect, generally can be programmed to process mechanical parts of different degrees of complexity, ah, and change and update the design only need to change the lathe program, which can greatly reduce the product development cycle time.

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3. CNC machine tools high precision machining automation degree is very enough, greatly reducing the physical labor intensity of employees, employees in the production and processing process does not need to be like the general CNC lathe that the entire control, the purpose is to observe and monitor the lathe. But the corresponding CNC machining center technology content is higher than the general CNC lathe, and thus the relative general CNC lathe requires a higher level of mental labor.

4. Pre-project investment relative to the general CNC lathe to be large, because the price of CNC lathe is very high, and its maintenance costs and its production and manufacturing first preparation period is long.