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Process benchmarks for machining precision parts

February 7, 2023

Parts processing process is a direct change in the appearance of raw materials (shape, size, location, performance), so that it becomes a semi-finished workpiece or finished process, the process we call the process, that is, the parts of the processing process benchmark, precision parts processing process is more complex.

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Precision parts processing process benchmark can be divided into different processes: casting, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly and so on categories. Precision parts processing process generally refers to the entire part of the CNC machining and machine assembly process in general, and other such as cleaning, inspection, equipment maintenance, oil seals, etc. are only auxiliary processes. Turning methods to change the surface properties of raw materials or semi-finished products, this process we call the CNC machining process, precision parts processing industry in the CNC machining process is the most important process.

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The following is a detailed introduction to the CNC precision parts machining process benchmark


(1) positioning datum, the positioning datum used by the lathe or fixture in the CNC lathe for processing.


(2) measurement benchmark, this benchmark usually refers to the size or position of the standard to be observed during inspection.


(3) assembly benchmark, this benchmark we usually refers to the position of the parts in the assembly process standards.