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Principles of Finishing

December 29, 2022

CNC lathe feed processing route is the turning tool from the fixed home point of the machine tool from the beginning of the movement, until the return to the home point and end of the processing program after the path. Including the path of cutting processing, cutting tool cutting in and out and other non-cutting empty stroke path.

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The feed route for finishing is basically in the order of the contour of the part, so the focus of the work to determine the feed route is to determine the feed route for finishing and empty strokes. So what principles should the operator follow in CNC lathe machining? The following principles of finishing machining are introduced by me.

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1、Ensure the accuracy of the machined workpiece and the roughness of the surface.


2、Reduce the empty travel time in the feed route to make the shortest machining route, so as to improve the machining efficiency.


3、Simplify the workload of numerical calculation as much as possible and simplify the machining procedure.


4、For some reused programs, subroutines should be used as much as possible.