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Pressure machining is a component of precision machining

November 11, 2022

According to the experience of the precision machining factory, precision cutting is relying on high precision, rigid machine tools and finely sharpened tools with very high or very low cutting speed, very small depth of cut and feed in the workpiece surface to cut a very thin layer of metal process, obviously, this process can significantly improve the machining accuracy of the parts. Because of the cutting process residual area is small, and largely exclude the adverse effects of cutting forces, cutting heat and vibration, and so can effectively remove the surface degradation layer left by the previous process, after processing the surface basically does not have residual tensile stress, roughness is also greatly reduced, greatly improving the quality of the machined surface.

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Pressure machining is one of the elements of precision machining.

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Pressure processing is the use of plastic deformation of metal under the action of external forces to obtain a certain shape, size and mechanical properties of raw materials, blanks or parts of the production method, known as metal pressure processing, also known as metal plastic processing. Rolling: metal billet in the gap between the two rotary rolls in the pressure deformation to obtain a variety of products processing methods. By friction, the billet continuously through the gap between the rolls and deformation under pressure. Forging: in the forging equipment and tools (die) under the action of the billet or ingot plastic deformation to obtain a certain geometric size, shape and quality of forgings processing methods. Extrusion: metal billet in the extrusion die pressure is extruded out of the die hole and deformation processing method. Drawing: The processing method in which the metal billet is pulled through the die hole of the drawing die and deformed. Stamping: The sheet metal is pressed between the dies to produce separation or forming. Spinning: In the rotation of the blank with the die or the rotation of the spinning tool around the blank, the spinning tool is fed relative to the blank so that the blank is pressed and deformed continuously, point by point.