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Precision parts processing applications

September 23, 2022

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1, the geometry of the parts shape and mutual bit precision to do μm or angle second level.

2, parts of the boundary or characteristics of the standard tolerance in μm below

3, parts surface external economic unevenness city (surface unevenness city mean relative height difference) is less than 0.1 μm

4, mutual parts can achieve the provisions of the fit force.

5, part of the parts can also reach the precise structural mechanics or other physical characteristics of the provisions, such as floating ball cell phone gyroscope torsion bar of the twist bending stiffness, winding components stiffness coefficient, etc.

latest company news about Precision parts processing applications  1
Precision mechanical equipment processing is in the strictly controlled natural environment, the application of precision CNC lathe and precision measuring instruments and gauges to complete. Processing precision to and beyond 0.1μm is called ultra-precision machinery and equipment processing. In the aerospace manufacturing industry, precision machinery and equipment machining is mainly used to process precision machinery and equipment parts in the control system of four-axis aircraft, such as precision mutual fit parts in the hydraulic machine and pneumatic servo mechanism, the structure and shell of cell phone gyroscope, steam float, liquid float rolling bearing parts and floating ball, etc. The construction of precision parts for quadcopter is tedious, the bending stiffness is small, the prescribed precision is high, and the proportion of difficult to machine raw materials is relatively large.