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Precision machining policy support

November 24, 2022

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Precision machining is the process of changing the size or performance of a workpiece by a mechanical device. It can be divided into cutting and pressure machining according to the difference in processing methods.

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The State Council adopted the "equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization plan", proposed relying on high-speed railroads, coal and metal mining, infrastructure, science and technology major special projects in ten key areas, revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry; seize the nine key industrial projects, the implementation of equipment autonomy; enhance the four supporting products manufacturing level. Policy measures include strengthening the investment project equipment procurement management, encourage the use of domestic first set of equipment, promote corporate mergers and acquisitions, etc. Precision machining involves the key sectors of economic construction, but also the development of China's machinery industry is in urgent need of a breakthrough in the field, especially high-grade CNC machine tools and mining machinery has long been the weak link in the field of manufacturing in China, with foreign advanced level there is an obvious gap.