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Precision machining industry development status

January 4, 2023

Latest company news about Precision machining industry development status

China's manufacturing and processing industry in recent years has been rapid development, but also step by step to industrial transformation and upgrading, is no longer just the world's processing plant, only do some low-end machining, but with the continuous progress of technology many precision machining has stepped into the world's forefront field. However, at the same time this industry also has some more obvious defects and shortcomings, which also requires our Chinese enterprises to continue to innovate and progress.

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Precision machining is a very important link in many manufacturing fields, such as automotive, military, medical, computer, communications and many other industries need to use precision hardware, precision parts and components. As a labor-intensive industry, precision parts, precision hardware and other products exports to China's entire export trade have a fairly important role in the proportion, and the current precision machining industry has been in the outward-looking development, that is, many companies are willing to give part of the parts to different suppliers to provide, rather than the previous reliance on their own production, precision The proportion of exports of precision parts products to China's exports is also increasing, which can almost indicate that more and more multinational companies are moving to China's precision parts manufacturing.


For a long time, China's precision machining industry are subject to the constraints of technology and talent pool, in some technology innovation can not compete with foreign large enterprises, but along with the industry competition intensified, domestic enterprises also invested a lot of money in independent research and development, and has achieved considerable results. For example, the 2m cnc gear measuring instrument developed by domestic enterprises has become a very popular precision measuring instrument in the international arena. In addition, most of the domestic precision parts processing enterprises have introduced a lot of foreign large manufacturers of instrumentation equipment, with this factor, but also to improve the accuracy and quality of our products.

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The survey of China National Precision Machinery Engineering Research shows that China's precision parts processing industry as a whole has made leaps and bounds, and certain aspects have reached the world's leading level.


But we should look at things from a development perspective, although we have made a lot of achievements, but we must still see the gap with Europe and the United States, Japan and other regions, as far as the domestic production of precision parts processing equipment is still far from Japan, Europe and the United States compared. And talent reserves, according to the latest recruitment data found that the machining industry recruiting people is the least of all industries, which also shows that the machining industry is the most shortage of talent. Therefore, we should further improve the self-innovation ability of enterprises, increase the talent pool, and shorten the gap with developed countries as soon as possible.

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