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Precautions for precision parts machining

November 11, 2022

We need to pay attention to every matter in every work, especially in the case of precision parts processing, so as to be able to get good practical results in the case of work. Then precision parts processing need to pay attention to what? Let's go to understand the following.

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1, mechanical work before checking whether a part of the movement is filled with lubricant, and then start and check the clutch, brake system is all normal, and the machine will be airborne 1-3 minutes, the machinery has a common fault when the actual operation is prohibited.

2, when working to maintain the correct posture, to have sufficient mental substance to deal with the work, such as the discovery of physical discomfort need to immediately leave the post, and to the leading cadres reflect. The actual operation must be conceptually centralized, prohibit gossip, cooperate with each other, and the operator must not operate the actual operation in the case of distraction and exhaustion to prevent safety accidents and ensure the safety of operation. Before entering the post, all workers check whether their own clothing is in line with the work standards. It is forbidden to wear sandals, high-heeled shoes and clothing that endanger safety, and those with long hair should wear safety helmets.

3, when removing and replacing the mold first power off, high-speed punching machine movement unit to terminate the operation, you can just start to install, adjust the mold. After installation and adjustment, take the hand to move the pump flywheel to test punch 2 times, check whether the left and right molds are symmetrical and effective, whether the screws are solid, and whether the wrap-around strip circle is on the effective part.
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4, be sure to wait for all other personnel to leave the mechanical work area, and take away the miscellaneous items on the workbench, you can turn on the power to start the machinery.

5、When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the working area of the slider and to take and put the workpiece by hand. When taking and putting workpieces in the stamping die, it is necessary to use special tools in accordance with the regulations. If you find that the machinery has abnormal sound or the equipment does not work, you should immediately turn off the main switch to carry out the inspection. After the machinery is started, one person should understand the actual operation of the machinery, and no one else should press the electric construction or step on the button switch board, and no one should put their hands into the working area of the machinery or move the moving part of the machinery with their hands.

6, after work, should shut idle switch power, and comb the position of manufactured goods, side materials and debris, etc., to ensure that the office environment clean and safe.