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Precautions for precision machining

November 4, 2022

Before precision machining, we must understand many considerations, in case we have many unclear in the subsequent processing. After a clear understanding, it can better help us work, reduce the problem of failure and ensure product quality issues. Some of these and we need to pay attention to matters closely related to, so today we will seriously understand the precision parts processing must pay attention to what aspects of the matter?

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1, Machinery before work to see if the moving parts are filled with lubricant, then run and check the clutch, brake there is no problem. And airlift the machine 1-3 minutes, the machinery is prohibited when there is a fault.

2, Precision machining work to maintain the correct posture, to have sufficient spirit to cope with the work, if found unwell need to immediately leave the workplace, and reflect to the leadership, the operation process must be focused on the mind, prohibit gossip, cooperate with each other, the operator should not be used in an irritable, tired state, so as not to cause accidents, to ensure operational safety. Before entering the workplace,.


3,All employees check whether their clothing meets the work requirements, and are not allowed to wear slippers, high-heeled shoes and clothing that affect safety, and those with long hair should wear a helmet.

latest company news about Precautions for precision machining  1

4, Be sure to wait for all other personnel to leave the mechanical work area, and take away the debris on the workbench before starting the power to start the machinery.


5、When the machine is working, it is forbidden to put your hand into the slider work area, forbidden to take and put the workpiece by hand, and when taking and putting the workpiece in the punching die, you must use the standard tools. If you find that the machinery has abnormal sound or machine failure, should immediately turn off the power switch for inspection, mechanical start, by a person to transport and mechanical operation, others can not press the power button or foot pedal switch plate, not to put your hands into the mechanical work area or touch the moving parts of the machinery with your hands.


6, At the end of the day, the power should be turned off, and tidy up the finished products, side materials and debris on the post. Ensure a clean and safe working environment.