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Point control CNC machine tool

July 22, 2022

The characteristic of point control CNC machine tool is that the moving parts of the machine tool can only realize the accurate positioning from one position to another, and no processing procedure is carried out in the process of motion and positioning. The CNC system only needs to control the coordinate values of the starting point and the end point of the stroke, but does not control the motion trajectory of the moving parts, because the motion trajectory does not affect the final positioning accuracy. Therefore, the motion between several coordinate axes controlled by the point does not need to maintain any connection. In order to reduce the movement and positioning time of moving parts as much as possible and ensure stable positioning accuracy, usually move quickly to the end coordinate, and then move accurately to the end position at low speed. The most typical point control CNC machine tools include CNC drilling machine, CNC coordinate boring machine, CNC spot welding machine and CNC pipe bending machine. Using CNC drilling and boring machine to process parts can save a lot of the cost of drilling template and achieve high hole spacing accuracy.

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