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Part connection problem

July 18, 2023

Part connection problem
Stainless steel welding is a complex process. A number of specific issues tend to arise when it comes to combinations of parts made from different types of stainless steel. It is quite difficult to weld any part to another and maintain its original properties. Only highly qualified workers need to be involved. Otherwise, you may opt to use more expensive techniques such as robotic laser welding. The biggest issue here is providing adequate corrosion resistance to the weld. Therefore, it is best to include other types of connections during the development phase of the project. Threaded connections are most commonly used with stainless steel. Note that the polished finish of stainless steel, while making it attractive and durable, significantly complicates the process of joining other components. This is why most food industry equipment manufacturers deliberately design some elements that should provide access to internal mechanisms and prefer plain carbon steel over stainless steel.

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