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Operating procedures of CNC milling machine

July 23, 2022

In order to use the CNC milling machine correctly and reasonably and ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, it is necessary to formulate a relatively complete operation plan for the CNC milling machine, which should generally be:
(1) After the machine tool is powered on, check whether the switches, buttons and keys are normal and flexible, and whether the machine tool has abnormal phenomena.
(2) Check whether the voltage, air pressure and oil pressure are normal, and manually lubricate the parts with manual lubrication first. (3) Each coordinate axis returns to zero manually (return to the reference point of the machine tool). If an axis has zero position before returning to zero, you must move the axis a certain distance from the zero point before returning to zero.
(5) During the rotary exchange of worktable, there shall be no foreign matters on the worktable, shield and guide rail.
(6) After the program is input, it should be carefully checked to ensure that it is correct.
(7) Compact process stacking and installation of alignment fixture.
(8) Before installing the workpiece, run the program empty once to see whether the program can be executed smoothly, whether the tool length is taken first, whether the fixture installation is complete, and whether there is over travel.
(9) Input the workpiece coordinates to the offset page, and carefully check the coordinate value, sign and decimal point.
(10) After the tool compensation value (tool length and radius) is entered into the offset page, it should be carefully checked.
(11) When clamping tools, pay attention to whether the screw pressing plate hinders the movement, and check the part blank and abnormal size.
(12) For parts processed for the first time, the first piece must be tested for the classified drawing process, procedure and tool adjustment card.
(13) In the process of program operation, we should focus on observing several displays on the CNC system;
① Coordinate display (POS key), you can know the position of the tool motion point before stopping in the machine coordinate and workpiece coordinate system. Understand the displacement of the program paragraph and how much displacement theory is left;
② The program display (progm key) shows that the status instructions of the program segment and the next few program contents are being executed.
③ Simulation display (press graph key), you can see the graphic display of the tool path.
(14) During trial cutting and processing, after sharpening the tool and replacing the tool accessories, the tool length should be renewed and the tool compensation value should be modified.
(15) When removing fixtures, some fixtures should record the installation position and orientation, and make records for archiving.
(16) Cut off the power supply as required.
(17) Clean the machine tool.
(18) Fill in the empty shift record book carefully and do a good job of shift handover.

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