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Nine operating skills for CNC machining

August 23, 2022

To put it simply, CNC machining center is composed of two parts: mechanical part and numerical control system. It represents the highest development level of the machine tool industry today. Due to the continuous reduction of the price of CNC machining center, it is no longer like the noble equipment that only large enterprises can afford. Now there are one or two sets in Putong machining factory. Machining center is a highly integrated equipment of numerical control system. It has become an indisputable fact that machining accuracy and machining efficiency are high. However, any machining equipment has its machining skills, and CNC machining center is not included. This paper briefly introduces the operation skills of CNC machining center:

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As a skilled operator of machining, he must understand the requirements of machining parts, process route and characteristics of machine tool before he can operate the machine tool to complete various machining tasks.

1) The clamp shall have as few elements as possible and high rigidity.

2) Ensure that the machining of the workpiece is completed within the travel range of the spindle.
3) For the contact between the bottom surface of the fixture and the workbench, the flatness of the bottom surface of the fixture must be within 0.01-0.02MM, and the surface roughness shall not be greater than ra3.2 & mu; m。

4) In order to ensure that the installation orientation of the parts is consistent with the direction of the workpiece coordinate system and the machine tool coordinate system selected in the programming, and the directional installation.
5) After a short time of disassembly, it can be changed into a fixture suitable for new workpieces. Since the auxiliary time of CNC machining center has been compressed very short, the loading and unloading of supporting fixtures cannot take up too much time.
6) For machining centers with interactive worktables, due to the movement, upper support, lower support and rotation of the worktables, the fixture design must prevent the spatial interference between the fixture and the machine tool.

7) The fixture shall be opened as far as possible, and the spatial position of the clamping element shall be low as possible. The installation fixture shall not interfere with the tool path of the work step.

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8) Try to complete all machining contents in one clamping. When it is necessary to replace the clamping point, special attention shall be paid not to damage the positioning accuracy due to the replacement of the clamping point. If necessary, it shall be explained in the process document.
9) In order to simplify the positioning and installation, each positioning surface of the fixture shall have accurate coordinate dimensions relative to the machining origin of the CNC machining center.