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New Cutting Technology of CNC Special Glass

October 11, 2022

With the expansion of the display area of the full screen mobile phone, the distance between the right angle of the display area and the rounded corner of the mobile phone edge also gets closer, which is easy to cause damage. Therefore, the special-shaped cutting technology is particularly important under the full screen. And special-shaped cutting also makes CNC technology play a more important role.
As a professional CNC R&D, production and sales manufacturer, Jiujiu Jinggong has a number of CNC research patents and is committed to carving CAD/CAM technology. It has achieved fruitful results in precision carving machine design and carving process technology, realizing the process of industrialization of CNC technology.

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Wang Shanning, the director of Jiujiu Seiko, as the title winner of the second quarter "full screen" conference, also made a wonderful sharing at the conference. Wang Shanning said that the traditional LCD screen cutting is generally realized by laser or cutter wheel, and CNC technology is only used as an auxiliary tool. However, in the era of special-shaped screen cutting, due to the high requirements of screen strength and thickness, as well as the fitting of double-layer LCD screen and other factors, CNC will play a greater role in the special-shaped cutting of full screen.

The cutting of special-shaped screen can be divided into the cutting of C angle, L angle, R angle, U-shaped groove and other different positions. Among them, 2C angle (single layer), 2C+2R (double layer), 2C+L (double layer) and 2C+2R+U (double layer) are the four main combined cutting methods at present. For CNC, the cutting at these positions needs to be improved in many aspects. For example, for the improvement of the fixture, it is necessary to make the corner directly on the fixture to facilitate positioning; Make the vacuum hole smaller to prevent glass deformation due to excessive suction; In addition, vacuum absorption points shall be designed for processing parts to prevent insufficient vacuum from causing glass shake during processing; Finally, the processing part should be avoided.

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Wang Shanning said that CNC has obvious advantages in irregular cutting, such as high grinding accuracy, machining accuracy ≤ 0.015mm, and edge collapse ≤ 0.03mm; High strength, the maximum bearing pressure is 110Mpa; In terms of cost, CNC also has an advantage. In the same efficiency of cutting/grinding equipment, CNC procurement cost has an overwhelming advantage; The degree of automation is high. In addition, according to different processing accuracy and speed requirements, CNC can choose single axis machine, double axis machine, full-automatic production machine and other processing models.

Wang Shanning is not shy about the difficulties of CNC grinding.
Wang Shanning said that the first difficulty lies in the brittleness, ultra-thin and high-precision characteristics of the overall screen, which determines that the difficulty of CNC grinding lies in the control of edge collapse.
In this regard, Wang Shanning also provided corresponding solutions. First, the precision of the grinding head. The precision of the lens of the grinding head installed on the spindle is required to jump within 0.005mm. The smaller it is, the higher the precision is; The second is the accuracy of the spindle. The vibration of the spindle at high speed is required to be within 0.5m/s. The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy; Third, when the machine tool is running, the vibration is required to be within 6.5 m/s. The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy; The fourth is to maintain high speed, low feed and low cutting amount during processing.

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The second difficulty lies in the edge collapse control and efficiency of U groove cutting and grinding. Wang Shanning thinks that the solution is that the diameter of the grinding head should be less than 30% of the R angle of the U-shaped groove, and the walking angle speed should be 30% lower than the linear speed.
Wang Shanning finally concluded that the cutting of CNC as a special-shaped screen is far from reaching a mature stage, and is still changing and excessive. As far as the industry is concerned, the single axis machine will transition to the double axis machine in the future, and the double axis machine will transition to the automatic production line. Most importantly, the combination mode of CNC+laser will become an important trend in the industry development.