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Mirror Grinding

July 25, 2022

As the name suggests, it is not concerned with the mechanism of chip formation, but with the characteristics of the workpiece surface after grinding. When the surface of the workpiece after grinding has the ability to reflect light to a certain extent, the grinding process is called mirror grinding. The workpiece materials of mirror grinding are not limited to brittle materials, but also include metal materials such as steel, aluminum and molybdenum. In order to realize mirror grinding, professors Nakagawa and Ohmori of the Institute of physics and chemistry of the University of Tokyo in Japan invented electrolytic in process dressing (ELID).
The basic starting point of mirror grinding is that in order to reach the boundary surface, we must use the smallest possible abrasive particle size, such as particle size 2 μM or even 0.2 μm。 Before the invention of ELID, the particle size grinding wheel was rarely used in industry. The reason is that the particle size grinding wheel is very easy to jam, and the grinding wheel must be trimmed frequently. The auxiliary time of dressing the grinding wheel often exceeds the working time of grinding. ELID solves for the first time the contradiction between dressing and grinding when only using particle size grinding wheel, thus creating conditions for the industrial application of particle size grinding wheel.

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