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Methods of Improving the Quality of NC Plasma Cutting

July 14, 2023

Methods of Improving the Quality of NC Plasma Cutting
Manufacturing precision metal products and increasing shop floor efficiency requires high-quality cutting equipment. CNC plasma cutting machines play an important role in achieving these goals, and there is always room for improvement in the cutting process. Discover some ways to improve the quality of your CNC plasma cuts, producing better results with maximum efficiency - here are five tips for better cuts.

Pay attention to the cutting direction
As the cutter moves forward, the plasma arc rotates clockwise, creating the most square cut on the right. For internal cuts, such as holes in the workpiece, the arc should rotate counterclockwise. Keep these instructions in mind as you work to ensure high-quality, precise cuts every time.

Check the status of consumables
Regularly check wearing parts for wear and replace parts as necessary. For example, you should replace the nozzle and electrode at the same time for the best results. Improper maintenance of consumables can result in inaccurate cuts and reduced productivity.

Pay attention to torch positioning
For a clean, even cut, keep the torch perpendicular to the workpiece from the front and sides, and at an appropriate distance from the workpiece. Square torches minimize bevels and consistent spacing distances ensure an even cut or width.

Evaluate cutting speed
Improper cutting speed will be manifested by the type of dross produced by the cutting, indicating whether the cutting speed is too fast or too slow. Low-speed scum looks like bubbles or balls and is easier to remove. If you see a lot of this residue, you need to increase your cutting speed.

High-velocity slag can produce finer beads at the bottom of the cut or splash at the top, both of which require grinding to remove. When this type of dross forms, the cutting speed must be reduced.

Use proper gas quality
Always use high-quality gas with clean lines and filters, and a functioning regulator, as recommended by the CNC plasma cutter manufacturer. If your system requires a purge, verify that the cycle is complete before using the cutter.

Whether you use your plasma cutting machine as steel fabrication equipment or for precision sheet metal cutting, investing time and effort in improving the quality of your CNC plasma cuts can improve metal fabrication shop output, reduce production costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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