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Material requirements for CNC precision parts processing

August 19, 2022

CNC precision parts processing is not suitable for precision processing of all materials. Some materials are too hard and exceed the strength of the processed parts, which may lead to the collapse of equipment parts. Therefore, this material is not suitable for precision machining, except for equipment parts made of special materials or laser cutting. The requirement is specific to each work, because it will also endanger the quality of the equipment produced. Therefore, to maintain the quality of the equipment, it is necessary to have requirements not only for the machinery and equipment, but also for the use of employees and some processing equipment. Materials are required. There must be certain specifications for this. Only in this way can the finished product be the ideal one. Let's learn about the material requirements for CNC precision parts processing?

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CNC precision parts processing materials are divided into metal materials and non-metal materials; For metal materials, stainless steel has the highest strength, followed by pig iron, followed by copper, and finally aluminum. The processing of porcelain and plastics belongs to the processing of non-metallic materials. For material strength requirements, in some places, the higher the strength of the material, the better, but it is only the strength requirements of the processed parts. The processing materials should not be too hard; If it is harder than mechanical parts, it is difficult to process; The material must have moderate hardness and softness. It is at least one level lower than the strength of parts, and also depends on the function of the produced equipment and the effective selection of equipment. In the manufacturing process of CNC precision parts, the manufacturing requirements and standards of each part are different, and the manufacturing process scheme is also different. When different process options are used to manufacture the same parts, the productivity and economic benefits are different.

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