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Main steps of precision parts machining

November 29, 2022

In order to better ensure the precision of precision parts machining, coarse and fine mechanical parts production and processing are carried out separately. Because of the coarse mechanical parts production processing, drilling volume, the workpiece by the cutting speed, clamping force, more thermal value, and its mechanical parts production processing surface layer has a more obvious machining hardening condition, the workpiece has a large internal stress, if the coarse and fine mechanical parts production processing continues, the depth of the parts after processing accuracy will be due to the ground stress again all over and quickly missing.


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In the precision parts processing process line, it is often encountered that there is a heat treatment process. Heat treatment process parts are allocated as follows: to improve the drilling production processing characteristics of metal materials, such as quenching, quenching, heat treatment, etc., generally allocated to carry out after the initial processing. Precision parts processing steps are very demanding, under the knife, out of the knife a loop. Mastering the precision accuracy of the specifications can reduce the consumption of raw materials to control costs. For example, 1mm positive and negative pole is how many μm, etc., if the wrong specifications will become scrap, the parts can not be applied to the equipment.

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Each piece of equipment is composed of many different small parts, and each part plays a particularly important role. Parts must be assembled, so the precision parts processing manufacturer's regulations are also higher, a variety of different parts processing after we can get more suitable for their own parts, so in order to better be able to make this product can be better to their own service, so precision parts processing this key step.