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Main causes and solutions of waste products in stamping processing

July 29, 2022

Stamping, together with forging, is called forging processing, both of which belong to the category of plastic processing. They both use the hammer head, anvil block, punch of forging machinery, or exert pressure on the blank through the mold to produce plastic deformation, so as to obtain the machined parts with the required shape and size. In the world, 60% to 70% of steel is processed by stamping, which is widely used in the field of industrial manufacturing. In the process of stamping, scrap is a common phenomenon, and its reasons are various. This article will analyze various possible reasons and propose feasible solutions to minimize the production of stamping waste and help readers improve the yield of processing.

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Characteristics of stamping processing
Stamping processing is a production technology of product parts with the help of the power provided by conventional or special stamping equipment, so that the sheet metal is directly affected by the deformation force in the mold and deforms, so as to obtain the required shape, size and performance. Stamping can be divided into cold stamping and hot stamping according to the temperature. The former is often used to process thin plates, while the latter can play a better effect on plates with high deformation resistance and poor plasticity.
Stamping can produce workpieces with stiffeners, stamping ribs, undulations or flanging that are difficult to manufacture by other methods, which is very helpful to improve the rigidity of workpieces. Due to the use of precision dies, stamping parts can achieve complex geometry and micron level high precision, which generally does not need, or only requires a small amount of subsequent cutting. Its surface quality is better than that of castings and forgings.

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Causes of stamping scrap
Materials, dies and equipment are the three elements of stamping processing. The die used for stamping is called stamping die, which is a special tool for batch processing of materials into required stamping parts. Only when the three elements are combined and matched with each other, can high-quality stamping parts be obtained. If the three do not cooperate properly, it may cause the scrap of stamping parts.
For example, using low-quality raw materials, it is difficult to eliminate the production of waste products from the root. Moreover, the installation, debugging or use methods of stamping dies are inappropriate; After long-term use, the clearance of the die has changed or its working parts and guide parts have been worn; Or because the punching die has been impacted and vibrated for a long time, the fastening parts have become loose, so that the installation positions of the punching die have changed relatively. These reasons will lead to problems in the punching die, thus scrapping the punching parts. In addition, the operators of stamping process make mistakes, fail to correctly feed the strip along the positioning according to the operating procedures, or fail to feed according to a certain gap, which are also common reasons for the scrapping of stamping parts.

Main measures for waste prevention
First of all, the raw materials used must be strictly inspected, and their specifications and brands must be checked to ensure that the quality of the materials is consistent with the specified technical conditions. If it is a precision punch press, if conditions permit, the workpiece with high dimensional accuracy and surface quality requirements should also be tested and checked.
Secondly, before stamping, the press, die and other tooling equipment used should be checked to ensure that they work under normal working conditions.

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In addition, a strict inspection system should be established in the production process. The first piece of stamping parts must be comprehensively inspected and can be put into production only after passing the inspection. If it is unqualified, find out the reason and correct the processing method in time. At the same time, patrol inspection should be strengthened, and accidents should be handled in time.
Finally, the operators should strictly abide by all links specified in the process specification, such as the transfer of workpieces and blanks must use appropriate station tools, otherwise the workpiece surface will be crushed and scratched, affecting the surface quality of the workpiece; In the process of stamping, it is necessary to ensure that the mold cavity is clean, and the workplace should be organized, and the processed workpieces should be placed neatly.