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Machining steps for turned parts

December 30, 2022

Latest company news about Machining steps for turned parts

Turning parts machining procedure is a very important process in the parts processing, need to follow certain principles of machining, we will analyze the turning parts machining steps in accordance with the operation before, during and after the operation.

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First, before the operation


1, the operator must be strictly in accordance with the operating rules to wear the relevant protective equipment, etc..


2, the operator should check whether the electrical parts are normal before the operation, to make sure there is no problem before starting.


Second, during operation


1, to ensure that the operation of workpiece clamping firm, such as tools, work, clamps and other workpieces.


2, all types of machine tools should be turned on after the first low-speed idle, to ensure that there is no problem before you can carry out



3, the machine table is strictly prohibited to put other irrelevant things.


4, the operator should not use their hands to remove the excess iron chips, should use special tools to clean up, and to stand in a safe position to avoid splashing iron chips when the machine tool is in motion.


5, in the operation of the machine tool, the operator is prohibited to adjust the transmission or change the operating stroke, not to touch the working surface in processing with their hands, not to measure the size in operation again, not to pass items across the machine drive part.


6, in the processing process, to strictly comply with the operating rules, do not leave the work station when the machine is running, leave the need to cut off the power, adjust the speed, stroke, tool, etc. to stop, not in the machine running.

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Third, after the operation


1, after the completion of operations need to cut off the power supply, remove the tool, the various parts of the handle are set back to neutral, and lock the electrical switch box.


2, clean up the equipment, such as iron chips, and lubricant into the guide rail to prevent rusting.


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