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Machining process route of parts

August 2, 2022

Latest company news about Machining process route of parts

During the processing and production of parts, due to the different materials and requirements of parts, the machining process routes used are also different. If the same machining process route is adopted in time, the production efficiency and economic benefits will also be different. Under the condition of ensuring the quality of parts, it is necessary to reasonably design the machining process route of parts in order to achieve the purpose of high-quality precision quality and maximum economic benefit.

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1. Production process
This is a process of transforming design drawings into products, which requires a series of manufacturing. Generally, the production process refers to the process of transforming raw materials or semi-finished products into products. The production process mainly includes the following aspects:
(1) Before production, we need to go through technical preparations, including market research, prediction, determination of new products, process design and preparation review before the product is put into production.
(2) The technological process is to change the size, shape, surface position, surface roughness and performance of raw materials to make them into finished products. For example, we are familiar in the processing sound field: liquid forming, plastic deformation forming, welding, powder forming, cutting processing, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, etc., which are all process processing processes. The process specification is to compile a reasonable process into a known document.
(3) Auxiliary production is an activity that we can not ignore in the production process, although it is not the main one. It is also an indispensable part of production.
(4) The process of production service includes the organization, transportation, storage, supply, packaging and sales of materials.

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2. Composition of process
The parts will go through several processes during the cutting process, and each different process can be composed of station, work step, tool walking and installation.
(1) Process mainly refers to a set of complete and continuous technological processes carried out on a machine tool or at a work place. The basis for dividing the process is mainly to see whether the work place or the work is interrupted and continuous.
(2) A work step is a part of a process that occurs when the rotational speed and feed rate of the workpiece's machined surface, cutting tools and cutting parameters remain unchanged. If the process is to process more surfaces, it can be divided into several steps. The unit that constitutes the process in production is the work step.

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(3) The allowance of the cutting tool to cut a small area from the machined surface is called cutting. If the margin to be cut is too large, it is impossible or not suitable for one cut, it can be completed several times.
(4) The process of installing the part that is completed after the workpiece is clamped once is called installation.
(5) The station is relative to the fixed part of the tool or equipment, and the workpiece occupies each processing position, which is called the station. Generally, in processing, the station in a process is installed once, and sometimes it may be installed many times.

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