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Machining process how to design CNC machining process

July 27, 2022

CNC machine tools have many similarities with ordinary machine tools in processing technology, but due to the high requirements of CNC machine tools, the process design of CNC machine tools is often much more complex than ordinary machine tools. In the process of CNC machining process design, it mainly includes three steps: the selection of CNC machining process content, the analysis of CNC machining process, and the design of CNC machining process route. Now let's introduce how to design the CNC machining process for the hook net?

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1、 Selection of CNC machining process content
For a part, not all machining processes are suitable for completion on CNC machine tools, but often only part of the process content is suitable for CNC machining. This requires a careful process analysis of the part drawing and the selection of those most suitable and most in need of NC machining. When considering the selection of content, we should combine the actual situation of the enterprise's equipment, based on solving difficult problems, overcoming key problems and improving production efficiency, and give full play to the advantages of NC machining.
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2、 Analysis of CNC Machining Technology
The CNC machining process of machined parts involves a wide range of issues. The following puts forward some main contents that must be analyzed and reviewed in combination with the possibility and convenience of programming.
1. Dimension marking shall conform to the characteristics of CNC machining
In CNC programming, the dimensions and positions of all points, lines and surfaces are based on the programming origin. Therefore, it is better to directly give the coordinate dimension on the part drawing, or try to note the dimension with the same benchmark.
2. The conditions of geometric elements should be complete and accurate
In programming, programmers must fully grasp the parameters of geometric elements that constitute the contour of parts and the relationship between various geometric elements. Because all geometric elements of the part contour should be defined during automatic programming, and the coordinates of each node should be calculated during manual programming. No matter what point is unclear or uncertain, programming cannot be carried out. However, because part designers do not consider carefully or are ignored in the design process, parameters are often incomplete or unclear, such as whether arc and straight line, arc and arc are tangent, intersection or separation. Therefore, when reviewing and analyzing the drawings, we must carefully calculate and contact the designers in time if any problems are found.

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3. Reliable positioning reference
In CNC machining, the machining process is often concentrated, and it is very important to locate with the same benchmark. Therefore, it is often necessary to set some auxiliary benchmarks or add some process bosses on the blank.
4. Unified geometric type and size
It is better to adopt unified geometric type and size for the shape and inner cavity of parts, so as to reduce the number of tool changes. It is also possible to apply control programs or special programs to shorten the program length. The shape of the parts shall be as symmetrical as possible, which is convenient for programming by using the mirror processing function of the NC machine tool, so as to save programming time.

3、 Design of CNC machining process route
The main difference between CNC machining process route design and general machine tool machining process route design is that it often does not refer to the whole process from blank to finished product, but only the specific description of several CNC machining processes. Therefore, it must be noted in the process route design that since the CNC machining process is generally interspersed in the whole process of part processing, it should be well connected with other machining processes.