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Machining process analysis of parts

February 27, 2024

Box-type parts said to be typical parts of mechanical parts, that today we want to box-type parts as a representative to give you an analysis of the parts of the machining process. We know like gear transmission box body, transmission box body, lathe bed box body are the basic parts of the machine, the machine parts of the shaft, bearings, sets and gears and other parts each maintain the correct mutual position, and in accordance with the pre-designed transmission relationship so that they coordinate mutual movement, combined into a whole.

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Box requires processing of many surfaces, each surface processing requirements are different, some of the requirements for high precision, such as the spindle hole, so the box of its machining accuracy has become a key issue in the process, in view of this, in the parts processing also pay attention to the following points:.


1, roughing and finishing stages to be separated


We also mentioned above that the box body to be processed on the surface of many, precision requirements are different, so in the operation to separate the rough and fine machining, and can not rough machining immediately after the fine machining, because this will easily lead to box body deformation, and ultimately affect the accuracy.


2, should be in accordance with the first face after the hole processing order


First processing plane, not only to remove the surface of the rough unevenness and surface sand trap, more importantly, in the processing of the distribution of the hole in the plane, scribing, find a convenient, and when the boring tool to start boring, will not be due to the unevenness of the end surface and the impact vibration, damage to the tool, therefore, the best general - should be processed first plane.

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3, the arrangement of appropriate heat treatment process


Casting box structure is complex, uneven wall thickness, inconsistent cooling rate during casting, easy to produce internal stress, and the surface is hard, therefore, after casting should be reasonably arranged sandblasting, tempering people.


4, process concentration or decentralized decision


Box roughing and finishing stages are separated in line with the principle of process dispersion, but in the middle and small batch production, in order to reduce the number of machine tools and fixtures used, as well as reduce the number of handling and installation of the box, the roughing and finishing stages can be relatively concentrated, as far as possible on the same machine tool for.