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Machining method of non-standard precision parts

January 11, 2023

Latest company news about Machining method of non-standard precision parts

Machining methods for non-standard precision mechanical parts.

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Non-standard precision parts processing requirements for precision is extremely high, to achieve ultra-lubricated processing appearance and very high machining accuracy, that naturally the tool by a very high demand, if the tool wear, then the processing surface quality will be reduced. And in the ultra-precision cutting, and general cutting rules are not the same, the cutting speed is not subject to the standard life of the tool constraints.


Non-standard precision parts processing generally choose the smallest speed, which is based on the ultra-precision machine tool transmission characteristics and cutting characteristics, because the minimum speed can make the appearance of the smallest roughness, thus ensuring the highest quality of processing - high. Of course, the premise is to ensure the quality of the machine tool can drive high cutting speed to ensure the efficiency of processing.

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Non-standard precision parts processing should be based on the cutting tool, cutting speed, depth of cut and feed rate parameters such as selection, according to past experience we know, in the processing of plastic materials, if the selection of a larger front angle of the tool can be useful to press the composition of the chip tumor, which is the tool front angle increases, the cutting force is reduced, cutting deformation is small, the tool and chip contact length becomes shorter, reducing the basis of the chip tumor. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of metal non-standard parts, ¢ 0.5 - ¢ 20mm stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and other metal precision parts manufacturing has many years of technical precipitation.

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