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Machined raw materials and accessories

October 29, 2022

Sucker materials processed by Shenzhen machinery are made of nitrile rubber, which has a large breaking force. Therefore, they are widely used in various vacuum holding equipment, such as construction, paper industry, printing, glass and other industries, to achieve the task of holding and transporting thin and light articles such as glass and paper. The price of vacuum cups is about 1000 yuan or 2000 yuan each, while the expensive ones are thousands of yuan.

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The basic time is mainly used to change the size, shape and surface quality of the workpiece, including the time for tool approaching, cutting in, cutting and cutting out. It is expressed by the percentage of operation time according to the complexity of processing Preparation end time: This time refers to the time consumed to complete the preparation and completion of a batch of processing workpieces, including drawing familiarity, understanding of process documents, conversion of dimensions, borrowing and returning tools, installation of cutter bars, etc. When the mechanic finishes, he/she should clean the machine tool in time and send the finished products.

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Generally, preparation and ending time are divided into fixed part and additional part. If the company has a variety of raw materials and accessories, and the model and size of production are different, the cost shall be calculated according to the name of each product or the drawing number. The material number shall be written on the purchased raw materials and parts, and the product name or drawing number and production batch shall be written on the production order number to each picking list, that is, each production step can see which product and which batch of products are produced.

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Including outsourced machined parts. Generally, it is prepared by workshop and part according to the process stage of the part, including all the contents of the process card, which only describes the processing steps of the part in more detail. The card specifies the blank nature, processing sequence, equipment required for each process, requirements for process equipment, cutting parameters, inspection tools and methods, and man hour quota, and sometimes it is necessary to attach part sketches.