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Importance of sheet metal case design

November 17, 2022

Latest company news about Importance of sheet metal case design

What is the inspection standard for the appearance design of the sheet metal cabinet? Generally speaking, we can distinguish from the following aspects. The appearance design innovation of sheet metal chassis cabinet is also important and difficult. In the face of the increasingly serious market homogenization problem, the differentiation of the appearance design of the sheet metal cabinet is particularly important. The appearance design of sheet metal boxes and cabinets should also be people-oriented, adhere to humanized and perceptual design, think about various problems encountered in the design process from the perspective of users, pay attention to the human-computer interaction design of products, and embody humanistic care in details, so that the products are comfortable, novel and beautiful.

latest company news about Importance of sheet metal case design  0latest company news about Importance of sheet metal case design  1
Sheet metal chassis
Inside the case is a place full of electromagnetic signals of various frequencies. Good electromagnetic shielding is not only good for the work of the computer, but also can not be ignored for human health. In fact, the radiation of the computer is much greater than expected! Different thicknesses can also cause different effects. Generally, a good watch case is made of steel plates more than 1.6mm, while a poor watch case is only 0.6mm. The difference is twice as much! Poor quality boxes can be almost flattened with one hand. It depends on whether the mechanical strength design is a good steel plate. The quality of the chassis is guaranteed. To ensure the bearing capacity of the chassis, a good mechanical strength design is also required. Because of the special properties of sheet metal materials, their appearance design does not give designers too much freedom. Therefore, the cabinet design of sheet metal chassis is not easy.

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