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How to quote for sheet metal chassis?

November 17, 2022

Latest company news about How to quote for sheet metal chassis?

First of all, there are many kinds of products that need sheet metal processing companies in the industry. In the face of these sheet metal chassis processing, professional factory equipment is also needed. Naturally, professional equipment manufacturers must have better quality. Zesi Hardware has its own advantage in sheet metal case processing. After all, we are also a professional manufacturer. For parts produced in large quantities and customized special materials, the required size and processing accuracy should also be taken into account. The more complex and precise the parts are, the higher the processing cost will be. The processing fees of each processing plant are somewhat different, so we still need to go to the processing plant to understand more clearly. General sheet metal processing cost includes drawing design cost, material cost, processing cost, surface treatment cost, etc.

Sheet metal chassis
The sheet metal processing technology includes the traditional cutting, blanking, bending and forming methods and process parameters, as well as various cold stamping die structures and process parameters, various equipment working principles and operating methods, as well as new stamping processes and new processes. The entire production process is complex. In fact, most of our sheet metal processing quotations are based on our experience. If the production process is complex and the customer's production cycle is tight, the quotation will be slightly higher. Product tax unit price=(material cost+processing cost+surface treatment cost+external component cost) * loss+packaging and transportation cost+project cost+profit.

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