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How to maintain CNC lathe

December 31, 2022

CNC lathe (CNC) is a kind of high-precision, high-efficiency, program-controlled automatic machine tool. This control system can logically process the formulated control program, compile it by computer, and the machine tool executes the corresponding action according to the program instruction, so as to realize cutting tools and processing rough materials into semi-finished parts and finished parts.


CNC lathe has a wide range of applications, from the aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, automotive manufacturing, medical industry, to the production of small to common products. Because the high precision of CNC machine tools can make up for the shortage of manual, it can precision cut and process parts with high requirements for roundness, cylindricity, bus straightness and other shape accuracy, with circular interpolation, linear interpolation various compensation functions, so how should the CNC lathe be maintained? The following is the maintenance method of CNC lathe developed by me.

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(1) Strictly abide by the operating procedures and daily maintenance system


CNC equipment operators should strictly comply with the operating procedures and daily maintenance system, according to the provisions of the photoelectric reading machine for maintenance. The operator's technical business quality of the strengths and weaknesses is an important factor affecting the frequency of failure. When the machine tool failure occurs, the operator should pay attention to retain the scene, and to the maintenance personnel to explain the situation before and after the failure, in order to facilitate the analysis, diagnosis of the cause of the failure, timely elimination.


(2) to prevent dust and dirt into the internal CNC device


Dust and dirt into the interior of the CNC device is easy to cause insulation between components, resulting in a drop in resistance, and even lead to components and circuit board damage. Because the processing workshop dust is very large, so should be at least once every quarter or every six months to check whether the air duct filter is blocked, if too much dust on the filter, not timely cleaned, it will cause the CNC cabinet temperature is too high; regular cleaning or replacement of the hydraulic, lubrication, pneumatic system filter; regular oil quality laboratory inspection of the hydraulic system; regular water distribution of the pneumatic system Filter drain; regular inspection and correction of the machine level and mechanical accuracy.

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Although the CNC machine tool is said to be controlled by the program automation equipment, but to achieve the efficiency of CNC equipment, the operator must be the correct operation and careful maintenance maintenance to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the equipment.