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How to ensure the quality of precision parts processing?

November 10, 2022

The process of precision parts processing, companies must not only ensure its quality, for the external aesthetic generosity level, but also must be careful to maintain. In order to better ensure that precision parts will not be corroded by sweat, gas and other ingredients, so that it has been in the factory situation, to enhance the use of the term. Must be published in the parts to carry out packaging after the choice of individual sealing packaging method, at the same time must also use automotive gasoline or ethanol to carry out scrubbing, this work needs to wear gloves to work and drying, followed by cotton wool to carry out protection.

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In the machining of various forms of mechanical parts, the balance screw is difficult to process because of its deep opening slot, small total width and small dimensional tolerance range of specifications, which makes it very easy to scratch and difficult to guarantee the size. From the traditional processing process, combined with the current measurement tools, can be carried out before processing the grinding and polishing of the mold shell and the wetting of the slot, and at the same time can also design a clamping scheme mold sleeve, in the processing of mechanical parts, so that the balance screw and the mold sleeve are processed at the same time, there is a small gap between the mold sleeve and the product workpiece, so not only to improve the rigidity of the slot, reduce the deformation of the This not only improves the stiffness of the opening slot and reduces the probability of deformation, but also enables the balance screw to achieve the accuracy specified.

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The standard is the point, line, and surface used to specify the geometric correlation between the geometric factors of the manufacturing target. For a mechanical part, the standard is the point, line and surface on which other points, lines and parts of the part are defined. In the design of equipment parts and production process, according to the different provisions of the selection of what point, line, surface as a standard, is one of the key elements that immediately jeopardize the performance of the parts processing process and the specifications between the surface, the precision of the parts. According to the role and use of different places, the standard can be divided into two categories of design program standards, processing process standards.