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How to draw shaft parts?

September 16, 2022

Latest company news about How to draw shaft parts?

The main function of shaft parts is to support other rotating parts and transfer torque, but also through the bearings and machine frame connection, is composed of one of the important parts of the machine.

Shaft parts are rotating parts, its length is greater than the diameter, usually by the outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, bore, thread and the corresponding end face composed of. Shafts often have splines, keyways, transverse holes, grooves, etc. According to the function and structural shape, there are various types of shafts, such as light shafts, hollow shafts, half shafts, stepped shafts, spline shafts, crankshafts, camshafts, etc., which play a supporting, guiding and isolating role.

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1. View expression

(1) shaft parts are mainly rotating body, generally in the lathe, grinder processing, commonly used a basic view expression, the axis is placed horizontally, and will be placed on the right side of the small head, easy to see the map when processing.

(2) in the shaft of the single keyway is best to draw the full shape towards the front.

(3) For the structure of the hole and keyway on the shaft, it is usually expressed in a partial section view or profile view. In addition to clearly expressing the shape of the structure, the removed section in the section drawing can also conveniently mark the dimensional and form tolerances of the structure.

(4) The small structures such as receding grooves and rounded corners are expressed by local enlargement.

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2. Dimensioning

(1)The main datum in the length direction is the main end face of the installation (shaft shoulder). The two ends of the shaft are generally used as the measurement reference, and the axis is generally used as the radial reference.

(2) The main dimensions should be noted first, and the remaining multi-segment length dimensions are noted in the order of turning and machining. Most of the local structures on the shaft are positioned close to the shaft shoulder.

(3) In order to make the marked dimensions clear, easy to see the diagram, it is appropriate to separate the internal and external dimensions on the section view, the dimensions of different processes such as turning, milling, drilling, etc. are marked separately.

(4) For the shaft chamfering, chamfering, receding groove, grinding wheel overrun groove, keyway, center hole and other structures, the dimensions should be marked after consulting the relevant technical data.



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