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How to do CNC machining with high efficiency?

May 22, 2023

1. Implement scientific CNC processing management

CNC processing machine tools are very different from ordinary machine tools. Therefore, conventional management methods cannot be used in CNC processing machine tools. After years of practice, it has been shown that the management method of CNC machine tools is "specialized management and cluster use". Process technology preparation can be carried out by the process technology department of the factory, and the production tasks can be issued uniformly. Enterprises with better production conditions can use computer-integrated management systems to manage the production mode. By reducing the production preparation time and optimizing the logistics route, etc., the statistics and planning of effective information are realized, and the purpose of improving production is achieved.

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2. Reasonable selection of cutting tools

The blade is an important part of the cutting process, especially in ensuring the processing quality and improving the processing efficiency. While CNC machine tools are developing in the direction of high speed, high rigidity and high power, they also put forward higher requirements for tool performance. In order to adapt to the development trend of CNC machine tools, cutting tools are also developing in the direction of stability and high performance. Therefore, when selecting tool materials, it is generally necessary to choose carbide tools according to the processing conditions. If conditions permit, you can also choose to use coated tools with better wear resistance and more stable performance, cubic nitride tools and ceramic tools.

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3. The application of the tool holder

The choice of the tool holder directly affects the installation and measurement time of the workpiece, and also has a certain impact on the machining error of the workpiece. Therefore, when selecting and applying workpiece fixtures, the following aspects need to be paid attention to:Improving the assembly of combined fixtures and vacuum fixtures can effectively shorten the auxiliary time.

(2) Further unify the positioning datum and reduce the workload and the number of fixtures in the positioning process.

The use of constant force fixtures can effectively deform the workpiece, which is of great help to improve machining accuracy.

(4) Fixtures can also use a computer-aided management system.

Nanzhao gear, Tanghe gear, Xixia gear, Zhenping gear, Neixiang gear, Sheqi gear, Fangcheng gear, Dengzhou gear, etc., Nanyang gear, Nanzhao gear.

Fourth, the establishment of processing procedures should be reasonable

The use level of CNC machine tools has increased the technical requirements for equipment operators. Not only must they understand the technical content, but they also need to have a certain understanding of programming skills and mechanical processing technology. Under the premise of ensuring the processing quality, it is a good process route to reduce the number of program segments as much as possible and shorten the processing cycle of the workpiece. For plant operators, this is a challenge.

5. Machine tool maintenance

Due to the high cost of CNC machine tools, the maintenance of CNC machine tools helps to extend the service life of equipment and reduce costs to a certain extent. Mechanical maintenance protection mainly includes three aspects:

(1) Preventive maintenance: This maintenance ensures the normal operation of the machine tool.

(2) Fault maintenance: When the machine tool fails, troubleshoot and eliminate the fault.

(3) Restore the normal operation of the equipment: transform the old CNC machine to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

6. Innovation process method

The process method is constantly developing with the progress of science and technology. At present, the process methods adopted by general companies cannot effectively improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools. Therefore, enterprises should strengthen the innovative training of CNC machine tools, innovate in process technology, and improve the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools.