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How to conduct safety audit of machining equipment

July 25, 2022

Latest company news about How to conduct safety audit of machining equipment

When machining, safety always comes first. Therefore, before processing, it is necessary to review the safety of the machining equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the personal safety of the operator.

1. At the beginning of the use of machining equipment, it is necessary to carry out maintenance planning and viscosity maintenance plan for the equipment.
2. The maintenance plan of machining equipment includes operation and control measures, equipment and facilities isolation and identification contents, which need to be supervised and inspected in the process of inspection and maintenance.
3. The mechanical processing equipment scrapped according to the national regulations shall be stopped from use.
4. For equipment that does not meet the standard requirements, has worked for more than years, has not been determined by technical performance, or has major potential safety hazards.

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5. The contents of the daily inspection log of mechanical equipment need to be improved, and special inspection of construction equipment such as construction characteristics, seasonal changes, hazard sources and test piece cycle should be paid special attention.
6. For the leased mechanical processing equipment, check whether the procedures are complete and legal. For the leased equipment, its license, product certificate, safety signs, construction and installation documents and other equipment archives should be checked before use.
7. For large-scale machining equipment, special personnel should be assigned to identify it, and a certain understanding of equipment installation, use, maintenance, removal, etc. is required.

 Hoisting machinery
1. Whether the steel wire rope used by lifting machinery has quality certificate, and the requirements for use should be checked.
2. Whether there is deformation between the metal structure and the track, whether the main stressed components, whether the connecting welds have obvious welding defects, and whether the joints of bolts and pins are loose.
3. The flexibility of pulley rotation, whether the protective cover is intact, and whether the pulley diameter matches the diameter of steel wire rope.

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4. Check whether the hook and other relevant pick-up devices are intact without cracks, and set effective anti decoupling devices.
5. Whether the safety devices such as brakes and limiters meet the requirements.
6. Whether the distance between moving parts is safe, and the distance between moving parts and buildings, facilities and transmission lines needs to meet the requirements of relevant standards.

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7. The driver's cab of the crane shall ensure clear vision, and shall be equipped with fire extinguishers and insulated floors. The signs of each operating device shall be intact and eye-catching; The fixed connection of the cab is firm and reliable.

 Hanging basket
1. The special construction scheme shall be prepared for the installation and disassembly of the hanging basket for high-altitude operation. The supporting and hanging mechanism of the hanging basket shall be designed and calculated, and the special construction scheme shall be implemented after approval.
2. After the basket is installed, it needs to be accepted according to the requirements, and the acceptance form should be submitted to the person in charge for signature and confirmation.
3. The basket needs to be checked before and after each use.
4. Before the installation, use and removal of the basket, technical disclosure shall be made to the operators, and written records shall be made.

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5. The hanging basket needs to be installed with an anti falling safety lock during use, and it should be sensitive and effective.
6. The basket is equipped with an upper limit device to ensure the sensitivity and reliability of the limit device.
In the process of machining, we should pay attention to the safety of machining equipment. This can not only ensure the personal safety of operators, but also be of great help to the use of equipment.

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