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How to choose a machining factory

July 28, 2022

I often hear many enterprises complain that there are so few machining orders that I can't find them anywhere. However, the actual situation is not like this. Many enterprises that send out orders are often distressed because they can't find a suitable machining factory. They have a large number of products that need to be processed by someone, but because they don't know the machining supplier, they don't dare to send them out easily. They have to think about which is better in machining. So, how to choose an excellent machining plant?
When choosing an excellent machining factory, the channel is very important. We should keep the selectivity at the lowest possible cost, expand the scope to the greatest extent, and one more option will lead to one more advantage. Here we will not introduce the selection channel of machining manufacturers, but mainly how to choose an excellent machining factory.

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1. The reputation of the machining plant is the top priority
There are all kinds of Companies in the machining market. If you choose a company with bad credit, it is easy to cause some unnecessary trouble after receiving the products. Therefore, in order to work later, when choosing a machining plant, we should first inquire about the reputation of the machining plant. The reputation of the machining plant can be investigated from two aspects: field investigation and customer reputation.

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Through on-the-spot investigation, we can understand the size and equipment of the machining plant, which is the hardware basis to ensure product quality. The reputation of customers can be obtained from two aspects: one is the enterprise that has cooperated with the machining plant, and the other is the competitor of the machining plant. By summarizing the information given in these two aspects, we can objectively conclude whether the enterprise is reputable and honest.
2. Strength of machining manufacturers
This is the most critical aspect besides reputation, which is also echoed by field visits. On the spot investigation can not only understand the reputation of the machinery processing plant, but also intuitively see the strength of the plant. You can see here how the equipment of their factory is, whether it can process the products you need, or whether the equipment of this factory is too advanced to cause high quotation.
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3. Business philosophy
Strength and reputation are only external factors, which should also be understood from the inside of the machining plant. The company's corporate culture, business philosophy, etc. need to be added to the selection criteria as conditions when understanding the plant. A positive corporate culture and a complete business philosophy are the software foundation of high-quality products.

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4. Technical ability of processing team
This is also one of the software to ensure product quality, and it is an important software. Because once we cooperate with the machining plant, the most direct contact with the product is the processing team. Only when the processing team is consistent with the ideas and ideas of customers can we produce products that meet the needs of customers. It also reduces a lot of trouble for subsequent communication.
In the actual selection process, the demander enterprise should choose an excellent machining plant according to the development of the market and the actual situation. The more famous and larger the machining plant is, the better. The best choice is suitable for its own products.