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How to automate precision parts machining

January 3, 2023

The degree of automation determines the development of the processing industry, now most of the metal parts processing has been able to achieve automated production or semi-automated production, automated production of parts whose quality is more stable and reliable, the higher quality requirements of precision parts, the realization of its automated production is more necessary, then how to achieve automation of precision parts processing? The following precision parts processing benchmark enterprise Ruisheng Technology to answer for you:.

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Precision parts processing is the use of CNC lathes for processing, also known as CNC machining, CNC machining and ordinary machine tool processing is the biggest difference is that all the actions carried out by CNC machining is controlled by the pre-designed program.


In the entire domestic precision parts processing market demand pull, the domestic machine tool manufacturing industry demand will certainly continue to grow at a high rate, its growth rate has reached 37.4%, becoming the fastest growing of all machine tools. The country also invested a lot of money in this field to support the growth of the industry, not only the development of CNC machine tools quickly, domestic manufacturers of CNC systems have also been a good opportunity to make great progress.

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At present, there are hundreds of precision parts processing equipment manufacturers in the domestic market, respectively, from two different systems, one is a lot of the original state-owned enterprises through the restructuring of many of the original business separation to set up independent machinery and equipment production company; the second is that many professional and technical personnel on their own components of some private enterprises, together with the formation of the current localized machine tool manufacturing industry.