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How should precision mechanical parts processing be inspected?

October 14, 2022

Precision mechanical parts is about precision, in the actual production process we must ensure that the degree of precision to meet the relevant standards, and as far as possible to improve. At present, how to improve the precision of precision mechanical parts has become a key issue for the relevant enterprises. In the process of deburring, polishing in the problem will directly affect the accuracy of the parts, but also the current production automation is difficult to solve the problem. Today I want to explain is how to check the precision mechanical parts processing?

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First, the basic requirements of the inspector.

1, to have more professional knowledge and practical work experience, but also need to meet the requirements of the first product on the inspection work.

2, the measuring instruments used need to be calibrated by the metrology department and in the specified calibration cycle.

3, in the acceptance of products before the need to familiarize themselves with the relevant drawings and technical documents, to understand the key dimensions of the parts and the key points of the assembly relationship.

4、To strictly follow the requirements of the drawings and technical documents to determine the parts.

5、For the workshop in-process products in accordance with the provisions of the logo.


Second, the inspection system.

1, the first inspection system: for each operator processing the first part, need to carry out a full range of inspection and do a good job on the stay.

2, inspection system: to ensure that the key parts will be able to get the whole controlled state.

3、Transfer inspection system: for the parts that will be transferred to the next process, inspection should be carried out to avoid unqualified products into the next process.

4, the completion of the inspection system: for the completion of the production of products to be warehoused for completion of inspection, including size and shape, whether there is a missed processing process and so on.

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Three, inspection methods.

1、Basic size and shape inspection

a. Measurement of outer diameter

For the outer diameter measurement, need to measure in the circumferential two parts, and record. When the length of the same diameter of the part is greater than 50 mm, should be straightness inspection, the use of knife edge ruler work surface contact with the outer diameter bus, observe the width of the building, and then against the standard light gap to make a judgment.

b. Measurement of the inner diameter

When measuring the size of the inner diameter of the part, just measure in three parts of the circumference, while making records. When the same diameter length is greater than 40mm, should be made cylindricity check, in the same diameter length direction range, respectively, to obtain a larger interval two positions for measurement. Calculate the cylindricity error.

c. Length measurement

External thread measurement: The middle diameter of external thread is measured by thread ring gauge or three pins, and the small diameter is detected by thread ring gauge (through gauge).

Internal thread measurement: The outer diameter of internal thread is inspected with a thread plug gauge (through gauge), and the middle diameter is inspected with a thread plug gauge.

The large, medium and small diameters of the threads should be inspected according to the accuracy level required by the drawing.

The effective length tolerance of the thread: according to the requirements of HY/QT001 Fastener Inspection Specification.


2. Inspection of surface plane

a. Surface roughness inspection: use the sample block comparison method for comparative judgment.

b. Flatness inspection: the use of playing table method of detection, the flat plate placed on three adjustable support, the part measuring surface placed on the support points facing upward, adjust the support points, so that the three points are equal, the peak and valley value measured by playing table is the flatness of the plane error.