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How is sheet metal bending done?

November 25, 2023

How is sheet metal bending done?

Sheet metal bending is performed by using a bending machine, a piece of equipment specifically designed to bend and bend thin sheet metal. The following are the general steps for sheet metal bending:

Design and preparation: First, detailed drawings need to be developed according to the design requirements of the part and appropriate sheet metal materials selected. Engineers typically calculate the angle of the bend, the location of the bend, and the required dimensions.

Cutting: Use cutting equipment (such as shears, laser cutters, etc.) to cut sheet metal into the desired shape and size. This step is usually performed after the sheet metal has been prepared.

Bending setup: Place the cut metal plate on the bending machine, making sure it is in the correct position. The operator will set the parameters of the bending machine, including the bending angle and bending position, according to the design requirements and the specifications of the bending machine.

Secure the workpiece: Secure the metal plate to the bending machine using clamps or other fixtures to prevent movement or deformation during the bending process.

Bending operation: Start the bending machine to perform the predetermined bending action. The bending machine bends the metal plate through downward punching or upward punching to form the required geometric shape.

Inspection: After completing the bending, inspect the bent workpiece. Check whether the bending angle, size and shape meet the design requirements.

Post-processing: As needed, perform post-processing work, such as deburring, polishing, grinding, etc., to improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

Assembly and welding (if required): The bent part may need to be assembled with other parts, and other joining processes such as welding may be required.

Sheet metal bending is a common metal processing method, suitable for manufacturing various metal parts and components, such as chassis, mechanical casings, electrical casings, etc. The bending process can provide complex-shaped metal parts and plays a key role in manufacturing.

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