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How does a 5-axis CNC machine work?

June 29, 2023

5-axis CNC machining describes a numerically controlled computerized manufacturing system that adds two axes of rotation to the 3-axis linear motion (X, Y, Z) of a conventional machine tool, enabling the machine tool to perform six Access five lateral surgeries in the lateral. By adding a tilting, rotating work holding (or trunnion) to the table, the milling machine becomes a so-called 3+2 (or indexing or positioning) machine, allowing the milling cutter to access five of the six sides of the workpiece. The 90° rotation of the prismatic workpiece eliminates the need for the operator to reset the workpiece.

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However, it's not exactly a 5-axis milling machine, since the fourth and fifth axes do not move during the machining operation. Adding servo motors on additional axes, plus their computer control (CNC part) will make it all in one. Such machines are capable of fully simultaneous contouring are sometimes referred to as "continuous" or "simultaneous" 5-axis CNC mills. Two additional axes can also be incorporated on the machining head, or separated - one on the table and one on the head.