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Company news about How does 5-axis CNC machining work?

How does 5-axis CNC machining work?


Latest company news about How does 5-axis CNC machining work?

In CNC machining, a part is formed using cutting tools and subtractive machining technology, which cuts away at the workpiece to create the desired shape. The shape is predetermined by the original CAD (Computer-Aided Design) file. A program is then produced in G-Code format, which feeds instructions directly to the CNC machine.

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Currently, it is most common for CNC Milling machines to have three axes to work from, X, Y and Z. However, 5-axis CNC machines use further axes, to implement into the cutting process from additional angles, giving greater scope for more complicated and intricate designs. So, axes A, B, and C can be introduced.

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These axes work alongside X, Y and Z in rotational angles to deliver a 5-axis cutting machine capable of intricate designs while remaining a very high quality to the finished piece. The A, B and C axes move independently to the X, Y and Z in a rotating fashion. The specific configuration of the machine or CAD design determines which two of the three additional rotational axes are used. This 5-axis configuration comes at a higher cost due to the higher levels of calibration and automation technology needed to run the CNC machine and input the commands.


In terms of precision engineering technology, 5-axis machining can offer the best precision engineering solutions, and it is an industry-leading engineering process within the automotive, aerospace  and medical industries, to name a few.

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