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High quality parts, starting from me

November 12, 2022

Recently, due to the crash of the Boeing Company's aircraft, the aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. All 157 people on board, including 8 Chinese compatriots, were killed. We deeply mourn for the victims and observe silent mourning for the victims. The wreckage of the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft at the scene of the accident is not large and severely twisted, which indicates that the aircraft was disintegrated under strong impact.

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Since 2001, Boeing has cut 40% of its labor force, accelerated the path of asset light operation, and sent out the company's core mechanical parts, which can save the company's costs. The company is committed to developing innovative aircraft.
The current aircraft manufacturing mainly adopts the equipment manufacturing mode of globalization and cooperation, so the quality of machining suppliers is particularly important. The aircraft is composed of high-precision parts and components, which are difficult to manufacture. The production of this type of parts and components requires CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools automatically process the parts to be processed according to the prepared processing program. We program the processing route, process parameters, tool path, displacement, etc. of the parts according to the instruction code specified by the CNC machine tool, so as to command the machine tool to process the parts. The parts produced in this way have high accuracy and efficiency.

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Advantages of CNC/CNC machine tools:
1. High processing precision and stable processing quality.
2. It has strong adaptability to the processing object, adapts to the characteristics of single piece production of products such as molds, and provides a suitable processing method for mold manufacturing.
3. Multi coordinate linkage can be carried out, and parts with complex shapes can be processed.
4. When machining parts are changed, it is generally only necessary to change the NC program, which can save production preparation time.
5. The machine tool itself has high precision and rigidity, and can choose favorable processing amount with high productivity.
6. High degree of automation of machine tools can reduce labor intensity.
7. It is conducive to the modernization of production management. CNC machine tools use digital information and standard code to process and transfer information, and use computer control methods, which lays a foundation for the integration of computer-aided design, manufacturing and management.

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8. High reliability.
High quality parts, starting from me.