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Here are some common aluminum profiles:

November 25, 2023

Here are some common aluminum profiles:

Angle Aluminum: Has an L-shaped cross-section and is often used to build frames, brackets and corner connections.

Profiles (I-beam, H-beam, etc.): With I-shaped, H-shaped and other cross-sectional shapes, they are suitable for building load-bearing structures such as beams and columns.

Aluminum Tube: Aluminum tubes with circular or other cross-sectional shapes, which can be used to make frames, guardrails, devices, etc.

T-slot Aluminum: Aluminum profiles with T-shaped slots are often used to manufacture racks and brackets, and are suitable for applications that require the installation of various accessories and connecting components.

Aluminum Window Profile: Aluminum profile specially used for manufacturing door and window frames, with good corrosion resistance.

Extruded Aluminum Profile: Aluminum profiles of various shapes manufactured by the extrusion process are suitable for a wide range of construction and manufacturing fields.

The lightweight and ease of processing of aluminum profiles make it a popular building material, especially in areas where lightweight construction and design flexibility are required.

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