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General trend of mechanical processing industry

November 7, 2022

As an important part of China's manufacturing industry, small and medium-sized enterprises located in the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain have long been plagued by a shortage of funds. For investors, such industrial chain financial projects are relatively safe, with relatively few common P2P platform situations such as bad debts or overdue, and the yield is relatively stable, between 10-14%, which is considerable. A user surnamed Zeng, who has invested in P2P platform for many years, said that he has a high preference for industrial chain financial projects. As long as the platform does a good job in reviewing the vouchers of accounts receivable, there will be no major problems. Since 2015, the state has vigorously advocated manufacturing 2025, requiring all sectors of society to make joint efforts to improve financial support policies, solve the problem of financing difficulties for manufacturing enterprises, and realize the historical leap from "Made in China" to "Made in China".

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In the summer of high temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity of the workshop environment of many precision machining plants exceed the specified standard range, which often leads to inaccurate precision, substandard quality and failure to put into use of precision parts or products, thus causing a series of economic losses! Therefore, for such precision machining workshops with special needs, they often need to be equipped with the corresponding ZD-8480C precision machining factory dehumidifier and ZD series industrial dehumidifier to carry out reasonable dehumidification and strictly control the humidity of their production and storage environment! In the general environment of intelligent industrial machinery, the selection of intelligent mechanical assembly line seems to be the right choice, and may also be the last lifeline for China's aquatic product processing industry. With the rising labor cost, the aquatic product processing industry gradually moves outward. On the one hand, it gathers in areas with cheap labor, such as Southeast Asia; On the other hand, they will gather in the aquatic product production areas to process nearby and save costs.