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Five problems in CNC machining industry

July 26, 2022

After the pursuit of high-speed machining and high-speed cutting, the NC machining industry has entered the track of pursuing efficient machining. Efficient machining does not overemphasize the fastest cutting speed or the highest machining quality, but emphasizes improving the metal removal rate per unit time, so as to achieve the purpose of Improving NC machining efficiency, machining performance and machining efficiency. This is the optimization of the whole processing and manufacturing process, so as to achieve a higher output input ratio. Although the overall level of China's manufacturing industry has improved in recent years, there is still a large gap between China and developed countries in terms of efficient processing, mainly in the following aspects.

Lack of independent innovation ability
Compared with the R & D and innovation capabilities of developed countries, China is still at a low stage in the production of efficient CNC processing equipment, mainly imitation. And this imitation is only the imitation of the shape of the equipment, lacking the internal core functions and advantages. The lack of independent innovation ability leads to the lack of unique design ideas, exquisite manufacturing technology and assembly technology of the equipment we produce. In most cases, it is not a real high-performance processing equipment.
High end equipment is excessively dependent on imports

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Because we cannot innovate independently and produce high-end and efficient processing equipment with stable operation, such equipment in China mainly depends on imports. Moreover, some developed countries promote each other through knowledge sharing and technology sharing, but impose strict technology blockades on developing countries. This leads to the fact that China has to rely on its own strength to develop in the case of a low starting point of research and a late start of development. This is also one of the reasons why the equipment is excessively dependent on imports at this stage.

Low level of key functional components
The key components of high-efficiency processing equipment, such as screw, guide rail, spindle, grating ruler, gear rack, worm gear, etc., also play a key role in processing. Therefore, it is an important basis to measure whether the high-efficiency processing equipment is really efficient. At present, although these key components can be produced in China, they cannot meet the requirements in function, because their core technology is still mastered by developed countries. If this state is still maintained, it will be a great constraint for China's efficient processing equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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Backward processing and assembly technology
If I get the drawings of foreign advanced equipment, can I produce equipment with the same quality and function? I'm afraid the answer is No. Because of the gap between processing technology and assembly technology, it is difficult for us to meet the requirements of the drawings. Therefore, at this stage, China's machinery manufacturing enterprises need to solve not only the design problems, but also the processing technology and assembly technology problems in the production of efficient processing equipment. Only with all-round progress in these aspects can we truly have our independent production capacity of high-end equipment.

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Insufficient basic research strength
Domestic manufacturing enterprises generally do not pay attention to the reserve of basic research strength, and the R & D strength is insufficient, so it is difficult to provide valuable research results. The long-term reference and imitation led to the further disconnection between its basic theory and practical application, which seriously failed to keep up with the trend of international development. Domestic enterprises also have various problems, such as insufficient attention to professional talents, imperfect talent training mechanism, lack of talent competition mechanism for sustainable development, which makes it difficult for those talents with skills to give full play to their strengths, resulting in brain drain or related technology interruption.