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Features of Precision Fittings include:

July 25, 2023

Features of Precision Fittings include:

High dimensional accuracy: The dimensional accuracy of precision parts is required to be high, usually in the range of submicron or smaller.
High surface quality requirements: The surface of precision parts usually needs to be finely processed and treated to ensure its smoothness, flatness and surface roughness.

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Complicated processing technology: The processing technology of precision parts is usually relatively complicated, requiring the use of high-precision machine tools and process equipment, such as CNC machine tools, EDM, etc.

Function-critical: Precision accessories are usually the function-critical parts of mechanical devices, which play an important role in the performance and stability of the entire device.

Strict quality control: The production process of precision accessories requires strict quality control, including the selection of raw materials, monitoring and testing of the processing process, etc., to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.