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Features and prospects of precision machining of mechanical parts

September 28, 2022

Precision machining industry has been labor-intensive, capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry, the industry threshold is high, the average enterprise even if established but not up to a certain scale, it is difficult to generate profits. Large-scale enterprises can reduce costs through large-scale procurement and production, through business coordination, build a regional sales market, covering different regions and different industries. Therefore, the precision machining industry has a large constant strong characteristics of the future of this industry aspects of the integration, regional integration, industry chain integration and strategic integration is mainly.

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Among them, regional integration is the same area of precision machining enterprises united together, so you can focus on the application of policy and management advantages, resulting in good synergy and cooperation effect. Industry chain integration is a single function of the machining industry united, or downstream manufacturing enterprises can work together with key component suppliers to solve the technical bottlenecks faced by complex components; strategic integration is the introduction of automotive, military and other strategic partners to more accurately grasp the downstream demand, the development of targeted products, and reduce unnecessary losses in the research and development process.


Precision parts processing process has extremely strict requirements, processing a slight inadvertence will lead to the workpiece error out of tolerance, the need to re-process, or declare the blank scrap, greatly increasing the cost of production. Therefore, today about precision parts processing what requirements, can help us improve production efficiency. First of all, the dimensional requirements, must strictly follow the drawing of the form tolerance requirements for processing. Although the enterprise processing production parts in practice and the size of the drawings will not be exactly the same, but the actual size in the tolerance range of theoretical dimensions, are qualified products, is able to use the parts.

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Secondly, the equipment requirements, rough and finish machining should be used for different performance of the equipment. As the roughing process is to cut most of the parts of the blank, the workpiece in the case of large feed, cutting depth will produce a large amount of internal stress, then it can no longer be finished. Workpiece in a certain period of time after the finishing process, should be in a higher precision machine tool work, so that the workpiece can reach a high degree of accuracy.


Again precision parts processing often have surface treatment and heat treatment process, surface treatment should be placed after precision machining. And in the process of precision machining, should be considered to leave a thin layer of thickness after surface treatment. Heat treatment is to improve the cutting properties of the metal, so need to be placed in the machine before processing. These are the requirements that need to be followed for precision parts processing.