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Do you really know what non-standard parts machining is?

December 1, 2022

As long as from the name above, we know that he is different from the ordinary parts processing, this process is generally necessary to choose. So we must understand clearly what kind of processing method this is before choosing this processing method, to understand clearly what his advantages and disadvantages are, then we will understand the following non-standard parts processing in the end is what kind of processing method?

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First of all, we know that non-standard parts are proposed relative to standard parts, so before understanding non-standard parts we need to know what is meant by standard parts. Standard parts refer to the structure, size, drawing, marking and other aspects have been completely standardized, and the common parts produced by professional factories, like threaded parts, rolling bearings, etc.. In a broad sense, it includes standardized fasteners, links, transmission parts, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, springs and other mechanical parts. Narrow sense only includes standardized fasteners. Domestic commonly known as standard parts is the abbreviation of standard fasteners, is a narrow concept, but can not exclude the existence of the broad concept. In addition, there are industry standard parts, such as automotive standard parts, mold standard parts, etc., also belong to the broad sense of standard parts.

Non-standard parts processing professionals to elaborate is mainly the state did not set out strict standard specifications, no relevant parameters outside the provisions, by the enterprise free control of other accessories. There are many varieties of non-standard parts, and there is no very standard classification. Roughly classified as follows.

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Metal non-standard parts:

The customer provides the drawing, and the manufacturer uses the equipment to make the corresponding product according to the drawing, usually the mold is mostly, tolerance requirements, finish are specified by the customer, there is no certain paradigm. Products from casting to finishing completely need the corresponding quality control, the process is complex and variable, and the general cost is higher than standard parts.

Non-metallic non-standard parts.

It is the processing of some non-metallic materials. Such as plastic, wood, stone, etc. In recent years, the injection molding industry, the development of plastic molds increasingly sophisticated, surface design, programming CNC references, so that the cost of non-standard processing and tolerance levels have been greatly improved.