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Do you know these little knowledge about machining?

November 3, 2022

Protective device of Shenzhen machinery processing factory. It is used to isolate the operator from the rotating part, live part of the machine and equipment and the harmful substances generated during the processing. Such as belt cover, gear cover, electrical cover, scrap iron baffle, protective railing, etc. Safety devices. It is used to improve the working reliability of machine tools. When a component fails or overloads, the safety device acts to quickly stop the equipment or turn to no-load operation. Such as travel limiter, friction clutch, etc.

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Interlocks. It is used to control the operation sequence of machine tools and equipment to avoid accidents caused by uncoordinated actions. If the lathe screw rod and polished rod cannot operate at the same time, electrical or mechanical interlocking devices shall be installed for control. Signaling device. It is used to indicate the operation of machinery and equipment, or send out color, audio and other signals to remind the operator to take emergency measures to deal with when the machinery and equipment are out of order. Such as indicator light, buzzer, electric bell, etc.