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Do you know CNC programming?

November 4, 2022

Do you know CNC programming?
CNC machine tools automatically process the parts to be processed according to the prepared processing program. We compile the machining process route, process parameters, tool path, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle rotation, feed, back feed, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward rotation, reverse rotation, cutting fluid on and off, etc.) of the part into a processing program sheet according to the command code and program format specified by the CNC machine tool, and then record the contents of the program sheet on the control medium (such as disk, magnetic bubble memory), Then it is input into the numerical control device of the numerical control machine tool to command the machine tool to process parts.

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This process of generating instructions from part drawings is called NC programming. The difference between CNC machine tools and ordinary machine tools in processing parts is that CNC machine tools automatically process parts according to programs, while ordinary machine tools are operated by people. We can achieve the purpose of processing different parts by changing the programs that control the machine's actions. Therefore, CNC machine tools are particularly suitable for processing small batches of parts with complex shape and high precision requirements

Since the NC machine tool needs to process parts according to the program, the programmer will input the program into the NC device to command the machine tool after the program is prepared. The program is input through the control medium.

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Generally, NC programming can be divided into two cases: manual programming and automatic programming. Manual programming can be used for simple shapes (such as simple internal and external contours of CNC lathes, plane milling of CNC milling machines, etc.). This method is simple, easy to master, and adaptable. It is applicable to part programming with medium complexity and small calculation amount, and must be mastered by machine tool operators. Automatic programming is more complicated. It is generally used for parts with complex geometry and large calculation amount, which is difficult for human to complete. Common automatic programming software includes UG Master CAM catia, etc.