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Design Processing of Stainless Steel Parts Machining

July 25, 2022

1. When processing stainless steel parts, try to select the design datum on the part as the positioning datum. When formulating a machining plan for a part, first select the best precision benchmark for machining center machining. This requires that during rough machining, consider what kind of rough datum is used to machine all sides of the fine datum, that is, each positioning datum used on the machining center should be processed in the previous ordinary machine tool or machining center process, so that it is easy to ensure that each workpiece is processed. Moreover, when some surfaces are completed by multiple clamping or other machine tools, selecting the same datum positioning as the design datum can not only avoid the positioning error caused by the misalignment of the datum , to ensure machining accuracy and simplify programming.


2. When machining of stainless steel parts, when the processing of the stations including the design datum cannot be completed on the machining center at the same time, the positioning datum and the design datum should be overlapped as much as possible. At the same time, it should also be considered that after using the reference positioning, the processing of all key precision parts can be completed in one clamping. In order to prevent the finished parts from going through multiple unimportant dimensional processing and multiple turnovers, resulting in deformation, bumping and scratching of the parts, it is considered to complete as many processing contents as possible at one time (such as screw holes, free holes, chamfers, At the same time as non-important surfaces, tool inspection, etc.), the processes completed on the machining center are generally arranged at the end.
3. Processing of stainless steel parts When processing the datum and completing the processing of each station on the machining center, the selection of the positioning datum needs to consider the completion of as much processing content as possible. To this end, it is necessary to consider the positioning method that is convenient for all surfaces to be processed. For example, for the box, it is best to use the positioning method of two pins on one side, so that the tool can process other surfaces.