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Definition of machinery by precision machining manufacturer

November 28, 2022

Precision machining factory said, machinery is to help reduce the difficulty of work or save energy tools and equipment, like chopsticks, brooms and its tweezers a class of things can be called machinery, they are simple machinery. And complicated machinery is composed of two kinds or two types of simple machinery. Generally, this more complex machinery is called machines. From the point of view of construction and fitness movement, there is no difference between the mechanism and the machine, and it is generally called a machine.

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The concept of mechanism and machine is derived from mechanical hydraulics and belongs to the most important definitions of contemporary mechanical design fundamentals, while the current definition of machinery in Chinese is mostly derived from the Japanese word "machine". All machines and mechanisms with a clear system of motion are collectively referred to. For example: CNC lathe, big tractor, etc. Mechanical engineering is a course of application based on relevant scientific and technical research as a theoretical basis, integrating the accumulated experience of process work in practice, scientific research and processing in the design and development, manufacturing, installation, application and repair of various types of machinery in the basic theory and specific conditions.

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The development of each engineering aspect provides for a matching development of mechanical engineering, and all must mechanical engineering give the necessary machinery. The invention and soundness of some machinery will cause the occurrence and development of new engineering design and new industrial chain. For example, the success of the production of medium and large transmission equipment has led to the creation of power supply systems; the invention of locomotives has led to the prevalence of railroad engineering and the railway line industry; the invention and progress of gas turbines, gas turbines, rocket engines, and the development of aircraft and spacecraft has led to the prevalence of aviation and aerospace engineering; the development of Korak facilities has led to the success of many new types of synthetic chemical engineering.


The above is the definition of precision machining factory for you to explain the machinery, hope to read to help you!